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Meet "Jane"


Oregon Organizing Boss Babe

Hey Y’all, I’m Cari and I LOVE Organizing!! I’m often asked how I got started in this business and the long story short is: I thought about common themes in my previous careers that made me happy (organizing and solving problems) and decided to make that my business. It sounds super crazy but I literally created this website, put up an ad on Craigslist, and started working. Less than a year later, I quit my day-job and hired my Right Hand Lady (Martha) to help out. There have been some growing pains, and a definite learning curve, but I really did just have an idea and made it my reality. I still wake up in wonder at how lucky I have been in this endeavor.

So, Jane Organizes has been fitting cars in garages and saving marriages one master bathroom at a time since 2016 and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I can be having the worst day and be super cranky when I walk into a session, but by the end I am jazzed and ready for more. I just love transforming spaces and lives in ways that make it easy to continue to maintain with peace and ease. Not going to lie, I played at least a thousand hours of Tetris as a kid, and now my life is one big game of Tetris in different environments.

What else do you want to know about me? I’m Oregon born and raised but have travelled much of the continental US in the back of a station wagon or minivan as a kid. I am a lifetime Girl Scout. I love dogs (follow us on Instagram and you’ll see my baby girl, Luna make regular appearances), ice cream, pizza, hiking, camping, snowboarding, reading (I mostly listen to audio books these days as I rarely have time to sit and focus), and warm beaches. Although I’m not quite 40 I’ve had 4 careers already (5 counting this one) and my wide-ranging experiences have given me a unique set of skills and contacts to be able to really just get-shit-done. I absolutely tell it like it is (I swear if I hear “sparks joy” one more time….) and I’ve been told I am a therapist in an organizer’s body. I’m a self-proclaimed “hippy witch child” that totally believes in karma, essential oils, and that in being an Organizer I’m fulfilling my higher purpose in life.

I can’t wait to chat and see how we can help streamline your space and to-do lists!

Cari Sweet

Colorado Organizing Boss Babe

Martha M.

Hi, I’m Martha. Cari just asked me why I like organizing and I said “because it makes people happy”. Also, I have always ended up organizing wherever I am. Whether it was in the house I grew up in, or at any number of jobs along the way, I get bored and organize stuff!

I had been in Portland about 6 months when I saw an ad on Craigslist for a “Jane of All Trades/Part Time Assistant”. I responded and ended up with an interview. The interview started out awkward, as they all are, but we quickly fell into talking about our wide variety of experiences in life (I’ve been everything from a Restaurant/Retail Manager, to a Dispatcher, and Deputy Sheriff). Eventually we discovered our shared love of office supplies, and here we are 3 years later (but for real, post-its!).  I started out assisting with itemizations and admin stuff for Jane Organizes; but that grew into being the Right Hand Lady that does everything (plus keeps Cari’s crazy life together too).

I grew up in Minnesota and came to Colorado via Oregon & California. I’m also a dog-mom, like hiking, sunshine, water, and I have pipe dreams of snowboarding again. I also am very straightforward and tell it like it is. While I may ask several prompting questions to help you decide what to get rid of, eventually I’ll just ask why you need 15 pairs of flip-flops????

Give us a call, let’s get shit done!!

"Cari started as my Personal Assistant while I was in the midst of a restaurant opening. As the General Manager, I was working 14+ hour days, 7 days a week. I barely had time to eat and sleep, much less do my laundry! Cari offered her Jane Does services and immediately took over laundry, dry-cleaning and personal mail services.  Over time, she has become an invaluable part of my daily life; freeing up my time and mind to focus on my career.  


I accepted a new position over 2,000 miles away at the beginning of 2016.  She assisted in hiring a contractor to replace my deck and has found innovative solutions for storage while maintaining the integrity of my classic home.  I trust that any task I give Cari will be completed promptly, thoroughly, and in the most cost-effective manner possible. I highly recommend Jane Does LLC Personal Assisting and Organizational Services."


- Glen A.

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