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Have you been in the same place for a long time and packing it all up seems overwhelming? 

Did it take weeks to find everything after your last move?

Need help settling into a different sized space as you unpack?

Moving, whether locally, or cross country,

into a larger home, or downsizing, has its challenges.

Let Jane Organizes take the stress out of moving! 


Pre-packing purge - Don't take the things you don't want/need

Packing - We take care to pack items in a manner that makes sense and protects you belongings.

Moving Day Management - We can help you book movers, direct them on the day of the move, and coordinate vendors for your key turnover.

Unpacking - Whether we packed you or not, we'll help unpack and dispose of the packing materials.

What do we charge?

$80 per person, per hour. Simple, straightforward, and less than your average moving bro.


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