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  • Why do you offer packages instead of charging by the hour?

    • Everyone works at their own pace. One person may make decisions quickly on what to keep/donate/discard, another person may need more time. Based on this fact, I found it difficult to provide accurate quotes on a strictly hourly basis.

    • I want to ensure we are able to stay within an individual's budget, regardless of project size.

    • I don't want to nickel and dime people; offering all-inclusive packages frees me from tracking every minute that I am doing activities outside your home and allows me to spend a full 3 hours in your home being productive.

  • What is included in a Session?

    • 3 hours of time organizing in your space. 

    • Minor cleaning (dusting shelves, sweeping up debris at the end of the project, etc.)

    • All "outside" activities that I may need to do (research, supply gathering, dropping off donations, etc.)

  • What is not included in a Session?

    • Major/Deep Cleaning (sanitizing, carpet cleaning, etc.)

    • Supplies (boxes, baskets, shelving, filing supplies, etc.)

    • Fees (hazardous waste disposal, dump fees, etc.)

  • Why do you charge a Cancellation Fee?

    • Everyone's time is valuable.  I am typically booked out several weeks in advance. A last-minute cancellation is difficult to replace with another session. Rather than forfeiting the session you paid for, I request a fee for my lost schedule time. 

Professional Organizer

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