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Welcome to my blog!!!

Hi, I'm "Jane". OK, my name is actually Cari, but Jane Does, LLC is my business. (That's me hiking recently.) I am not going to rehash my life story, (as it is here on the About Me page of my website). But I will give you a short background on why I started Jane Does.

I have always been an active person. In high school I was involved in sports and other extra curricular activities that kept me going all the time. After high school I was typically working multiple jobs; an office job and a restaurant job. When I started pursuing my bachelor's degree I continued to work both jobs; I rarely had a day off. Fast forward many years through my degree and a short career in restaurant management. Today you find me sitting at a desk in an office for six hours a day, five days a week.

I am losing my mind! This is definitely not the life for me. Over the past year I have thought about what I want my next career to be. I have thought about which jobs in my past I have actually enjoyed and which parts of other jobs I was able to find moments of joy in. I realized that helping other people, organizing spaces and lives, and having a constantly changing work environment keeps me energized . I find great pride in completing difficult tasks and helping make others' lives easier. After unsuccessfully looking for a position that provides all of these, Jane Does was born.

As I am sure many of you know, starting your own business is a considerable amount of work. Now that the details are all in place, I am excited to have some time to share some insights with you through this blog. I will be mostly writing about organizing (spaces and life) with the occasional personal story, project update, and other information mixed in. You can also follow me on Instagram @JaneDoesPDX and Twitter @JaneDoesItPDX!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!!


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